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Are Your Ready To Say YES To Life?

Are you ready to release what is holding you down?

Are you ready to reclaim your light?

Are you ready to ignite your passions?

Create and live a life you love

  • I am your partner in this transformational journey

  • I hold a sacred space for you to to explore what is holding you back

  • I listen deeply to what your mind, body and soul are saying  

  • I help you uncover what sets your soul on fire 

  • I provide the accountability to help you take action

  Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? We all experience painful and challenging moments in life. Women who seek out coaching with me do so because they are ready for transformational change.  Just like you, they are ready to release the pain, see the possibilities and regain hope and passion. 

I guide courageous women like you to recognize their authentic power, ignite their potential and ultimately shine!

Working with Cheri was absolutely the best decision. I was approaching a crossroads in my life and wanted to figure out my future direction. Cheri is kind, compassionate, perceptive, an excellent listener and asks really great questions! She was very present alongside me as we broke down the options and tapped into what my intuition was telling me. I achieved the clarity I needed sooner than expected, which made such a big difference and I'm now heading confidently into my next chapter!

Dee A.

Woman in the Beach

One off session

In this 1hour session, we will focus on one particular area of your life that you are ready to explore and make changes in. This laser focused session is designed to shift energy and thoughts around this focal point and help you move things forward.  It's also great for those moments where you need a burst of inspiration and motivation to gain some clarity

Exchange Rate-$150


Journey of rediscovery

 All you seek is within you. On this journey together, I hold space for you to be courageous enough to figure it out. We explore & dive deep in to what your heart is calling for. We take the necessary steps to find the root issue on where/why you may be stuck in your life. 4-12 session packages are offered to take weekly or biweekly over a period of 4 weeks-6 months. 

Exchange Rate-Varies based on package

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Group workshop and events happen several times a year. Stay tuned!

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