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Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Shorts are highly recommended so definitely bring them for your 1st class just in case you decide to throw them on. Practicing pole requires our skin to be exposed in order to accomplish several pole tricks. We do go barefoot as well in our intro series.  Please no lotion the day of class. Also, don't forget to take off rings and bracelets prior to class. Bring sweat towel and a water bottle. We sell bottle water for $1.00. 


This is your special time! It's important to commit to yourself and make it a priority to show up. Life happens, we get it! However, we do not offer make ups so please plan accordingly. All sales are final. We do not offer refunds; Credits may not roll over or be extended.  


It's important to account for travel time when scheduling your life around this luxury class. Doors open 5 minutes prior to class, please arrive on time. Doors lock 5 minutes after class start time to protect the integrity of the class. Coming in late is a distraction to your fellow classmates as well as our instructors. In order to deliver the best experience for our community, you will not be permitted to join in if you arrive late and you will not be credited back class credit. 


Do you have pole experience?

If so, message us so we can get you started in a level that is most appropriate. 

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