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Our Sisterhood


Flow was created for you!

Come as you are. Our community of women come from all walks of life.  They are hard working career women, entrepreneurs, mothers, grandmothers and students.


Our Flow community is waiting for you if you are the woman who is:

  • devoted to carving out time for herself every week-it's a sacred promise

  • ready to embrace her body

  • desiring to get in touch with her feminine power

  • ready to be courageous and be new at something

  • able to laugh at herself and not take everything so seriously

  • desiring nurturing and mature female relationships

We have been serving Wilmington and the surrounding communities for the past 14 years and we can't wait to meet you!  

Intro Series

Our intimate setting!

Our well known signature series is created to offer you a more intimate setting with other women who are brand new to learning this yummy movement. You will be with the same group of women over the course of your 3 week series. Class sizes are small to ensure more personalized attention. You do not need to have any experience-you are welcomed as you are! 

Pole Essentials Program

Become a well rounded poler and mover

Pole Essentials 1:  You do not need to have any experience-you are welcomed as you are! This class is for those who are just starting out and/or have few classes under their belt. In this class, you will learn the basic pole fundamentals-spins, sits, climb prep and strength building. You are learning that showing up for yourself is the true prize. This class is perfect for those who may not be able to commit to the 3 week series and like the flexibility of different days to attend. 

Pole Essentials 1.5:  You have taken several PE 1 classes and are starting to feeling stronger. You can see and feel yourself starting to soak in the beginner skills. In this PE 1.5 class, you are ready to challenge yourself and take your pole foundations to new levels. You are open to growing and understand that learning new skills takes practice and time. You will continue to be guided in your movement journey and at this point you start to awaken your feminine energy. In this chapter of  your journey, you truly understand that we celebrate progress over perfection.  You keep showing up to play, explore, and grow over time. 

Pole Essentials 2:  You are ready to see your world upside-down. In this class, you are comfortable with climbing high and descending down into new tricks.  You have built the strength, endurance, and confidence during your pole essentials 1-1.5 classes and are ready to take the plunge upside down learning inversions. 

Interm/Adv Program

Take your pole skills to levels you never thought were possible

Our intermediate and advanced classes are designed to challenge the pole dancer who has spent the time and energy to arrive at this point in her journey.  You have come to realize that learning pole is a marathon not a race.  Pole is very challenging and you love it!  In these leveled classes, you will be learning challenging inverted tricks and combos. 

Movement Classes

The Power of Movement 

Music and movement is medicine to the soul!  When we dance, we unlock the stored energy and emotions in our body. Our movement classes range from ooey gooey, slow and sensual to heel clacking rock the pole vibes! Feminine movement is a beautiful and intoxicating experience. One that guides us as women to embrace and connect to the feeling pleasure in our bodies.  

Get On Our Waitlist!

This gives you first dibs to enroll in our signature 3 week Intro series. This is where all of the magic happens. 

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